Best Baseball Sunglasses For Youth

If your kid loves to play baseball, no matter their position, proper gear is essential. While parents know their kids need helmets, gloves, and other gear, they often forget about eye protection and buying the right baseball sunglasses. 

If your baseball player is not wearing the best youth baseball sunglasses, they could experience eye damage. Aside from sunscreen, you must also shield your child’s eyes from harmful UV rays. 

The best youth baseball sunglasses offer protection and can even improve your child’s game. When kids do not experience glare and eye irritation, they can see more clearly. 

Reasons Children Need Youth Baseball Sunglasses

Before we go into the details of what to look for in the best baseball sunglasses, you need to know why they are so integral to your child’s health. Unfortunately, eye protection is one of the most overlooked aspects of protective sports gear for children. 

The following are some critical reasons you should buy baseball sunglasses for your child. Wearing glasses for every game is crucial, even if the conditions outside are cloudy. 

  • Baseball sunglasses block harmful ultraviolet rays, which protect your child’s eyes from sunburn, macular degeneration, and cataracts. 
  • Protective sports sunglasses also protect your child’s eyes from penetrating injuries, such as getting hit in the eye with a baseball or bat. 
  • Baseball sunglasses block glare to help your child see more clearly. Wearing sunglasses for baseball allows you to see with greater clarity. 
  • Children with vision concerns will need to wear a pair of sunglasses for baseball with prescription lenses so they can see on the field. 

What Should You Look for When Choosing Baseball Sunglasses for Youth?

If you have never purchased a pair of youth baseball sunglasses, you may find the shopping process confusing. Knowing what to look for will help you choose the right pair to protect your kid’s eyes as they play the sport they love. 

Here are some factors you must consider when choosing sunglasses for youth baseball.

  • The sports glasses’ lens material
  • The materials of the lightweight frame and the frame shape
  • The lens color
  • The fit
  • The durability
  • Polarization

Below, we will go into greater detail about each of these factors so you will be armed with the information you need. 

The Materials of the Lenses

Many children are rough with their belongings and don’t always care for them as they should. When selecting baseball sunglasses for youth, you need to pay careful attention to the materials of the lenses. 

One of the best materials for lenses is polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate lenses are impact and scratch-resistant. These lenses are also less likely to shatter. 

To ensure your child’s eyes are protected fully, choose a polycarbonate lens with ASTM International approval. ASTM will not approve a lens unless it is at least 3mm of polycarbonate. 

If the lenses are thinner than 3mm, they may not offer the level of shatter resistance your child’s sunglasses need. 

The Materials of the Frames

Strong lenses are critical for your child’s eyes, but they will do nothing if the frames are not durable and protective. Again, one of the most durable materials for baseball sunglasses frames is polycarbonate. 

We recommend choosing baseball sunglasses with a lightweight polycarbonate frame and interchangeable lenses whenever possible. These lenses are more likely to stand up to abuse and will keep your child’s eyes protected against injuries on the field. 

If you do not see ASTM approval on the sunglasses, you should be concerned. Some sunglass manufacturers use a plastic frame and other cheap materials. These will not protect your child’s eyes. 

Making sure you select a frame that meets or exceeds ASTM F803 standards will offer a higher level of protection. Choosing sunglasses based on looks alone can lead to dangers. 

A Perfect Fit

Another integral factor to consider when choosing youth sunglasses is the fit. No matter how durable and protective the sunglasses are, if they do not fit your child, they will be worthless. 

Manufacturers make baseball sunglasses to hug the face more than regular sunglasses. You should choose a pair of sunglasses that havef rubber tips at the temples and comfortable nose pads to keep the sunglasses from slipping during play. 

We highly recommend taking your child to an eyeglass shop for measurements. They will help ensure your child’s sunglasses and nose pads fit precisely. 

The two main measurements you need to be concerned with are the bridge distance and the temple arm’s length. If your child’s sunglasses fit well in these two areas, they are more likely to stay in place throughout the game, even when your child is running. 

If you take your child to get measured, you will be able to purchase sunglasses from your eye doctor or online without stressing over the fit. Always get a measurement before purchasing. 

Polarized and Interchangeable Lenses

To offer your child’s eyes complete protection against light rays and glare, you need to ensure you purchase polarized lenses. Polarized lenses have a UV-protective coating that protects against light bouncing off objects and into your child’s eyes. 

The best sunglasses with polarized lenses are much different from simple tinted lenses. These lenses block out horizontal light, helping your child to see without the dangerous glare that can cause them to trip, miss the ball, or even skip a base. 

When searching for baseball sunglasses for children, look for polarized lenses. Many manufacturers now make their lenses with polarization, but some cheap sunglasses may not offer this feature. 

The Lens Color

Another factor to consider when purchasing youth sports sunglasses is the color of the lenses. If you begin searching for sunglasses, you will quickly learn there are a variety of colors. 

It is important to note that the color of the lens is not just for fashion. The color of the lens greatly impacts how well your child’s eyes are protected and how they see in various environments. 

  • Clear lenses have no tint, making them perfect for wear when your child is playing a night game of baseball. Clear lenses will not impede your child’s vision. 
  • Gray lenses are ideal for sunny days because they reduce the sun’s brightness and improve clarity. Gray lenses also preserve natural hues, so your child sees normally on the field. 
  • Brown, copper, and amber lenses work in the same way. These colors are perfect for cloudy days. These lens colors also block harmful blue light, which can damage your child’s eyes. Your child will be able to see the ball better when they aren’t being distracted by blue light. 
  • Lenses with orange and yellow hues are also the same in what they offer. Sunglasses with orange lenses let in light but protect your child’s eyes against the glare. These sunglasses’ lens colors work well on cloudy or mildly sunny days. 
  • Baseball glasses with green lenses are ideal for sunny days. These lenses also prevent blue light from coming through, which helps to reduce glare and improve contrast. This color also protects your child’s eyes from the sun. 
  • Blue, red, and mirrored lenses are the same because they do nothing for the eyes. These colors are only for aesthetics and will not shield your child’s eyes from the sun or glare. 

Which Baseball Sunglasses for Youth are Best?

Keeping the above factors in mind is essential when searching for youth baseball sunglasses. We recommend you research carefully and ask your child’s eye doctor for guidance about purchasing sunglasses. 

We have listed some of the top names in the youth sunglass industry. These are in no particular order. In addition to surveying the information here, research further to ensure you choose wisely. 

1. Rawlings Baseball Sunglasses for Youth

These sunglasses are made to precisely fit youth baseball players. The lenses offer 100% UV-protection coating to shield your child’s eyes from UVA, UVB, UVC, and even harmful blue light. 

This pair of sunglasses is lightweight yet durable. Unlike some baseball sunglasses, this pair of Rawlings baseball sunglasses have larger lenses that give your child a broader view, which often proves advantageous in baseball. 

The lenses of these sunglasses are made of polycarbonate and have a hydrophobic lens. The special coating on these lenses repels water, dirt, and oil while eliminating glare. 

These Rawlings youth baseball sunglasses also offer a perfect fit because they have rubber temple tips and nose pads for a non-slip grip on your child’s face. 


  • These Rawlings youth baseball sunglasses offer polycarbonate lenses that are crucial for baseball players. 
  • This pair of youth sunglasses can be used for many activities, including biking, football, and golf. 
  • The larger lenses allow for a wider field of view. 


  • Some people complain about Rawlings sunglasses being too small. 

2. Nike Skylon ACE JR Sunglasses

These Nike Skylon ACE JR sunglasses may be ideal for your child who plays baseball. These sunglasses come with a special field tint that is perfect for baseball. 

The frame of these Nike sunglasses is made of Nylon. The lenses help shield your child’s eyes from the sun’s damaging rays and glare. 

These sunglasses are meant to fit small faces and are ideal for youth. The rubber grips at the temples and nose pads help your child get the best fit possible. 

In addition to offering protection against glare, your child will also like how these sunglasses look on them while on the field. 


  • These sunglasses offer extensive comfort with rubberized nose pads and temple pads. 
  • The deep lenses of these youth sunglasses offer extensive protection for your child’s eyes. 
  • You can purchase these sunglasses with prescription lenses. 


  • These sunglasses do not come with a case, but they do come with a carry bag.

3. Under Armour UA Playmaker Jr. Wrap Sunglasses

Under Armour sunglasses are one of the most popular brands in the sports world. These Under Armour baseball sunglasses fully shield your child’s eyes, keeping their eyes protected against damaging glare.

These sunglasses have a coating that protects against UV damage. The ArmoFusion frame design is ideal for children who play baseball. 

The ArmoSight lenses protect your child’s eyes from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. The 3-point fit will offer a high level of comfort as your kids wear sunglasses on the field. 


  • The special lenses block all UV light to protect your child’s eyes. 
  • The lenses are scratch-resistant and will hold up game after game. 
  • The one-size-fits-all approach to these sunglasses allows youth and adults to get the perfect fit. 


  • These are not polarized sunglasses, which is not ideal for youth baseball players. 

4. Kid’s Radar EV Ex Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley is a respected name in kids’ baseball sunglasses. What really works with these Oakley sunglasses is the one-piece lens design. These youth baseball sunglasses shield your child’s eyes fully. 

These Oakley sunglasses offer rubberized nose pads and rubber-wrapped temple arms to hug your child’s face with comfort and a perfect fit. Oakley baseball sunglasses also have an adjustable nose pad. 

The lenses of these Oakley baseball sunglasses are coated with a special coating that blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, so your child’s eyes do not suffer damage while playing baseball on a sunny day. 


  • Oakley baseball sunglasses feature high-definition optic lenses that allow your child to see with perfect clarity. 
  • These Oakley baseball sunglasses’ lenses are scratch-resistant so that they will hold up to rough play. 
  • The Oakley sunglasses’ one-piece lens is ideal for protection and style. 


  • This pair of baseball sunglasses are on the expensive side. 

5. GIEADUN Sports Sunglasses

These sunglasses are perfect for many sports, including youth baseball. This pair of baseball sunglasses are highly flexible because of their rubber frame, which allows for a premiere level of comfort. 

These sunglasses are ideal for baseball because of the polarized lenses. Remember that polarized sunglasses are essential for protecting your child’s eyes from glare. 

These GIEADUN sunglasses come with multiple replacement lenses. The unbreakable TR90 frame will hold up to the abuse a youth baseball game throws out. 


  • The lenses and frames of these sunglasses are unbreakable.
  • These polarized glasses will protect against damaging glare.
  • The lenses can be removed easily if you want to change them. 


  • The nose pads are not as comfortable as they should be. 

FAQs About Baseball Sunglasses for Youth

As a parent, you likely have many questions about kids’ baseball sunglasses. Having information is essential for helping you choose a pair of baseball sunglasses that will offer the best level of protection for your young baseball player. 

1. Is It Necessary for Children to Wear Sunglasses While Playing Baseball?

This is a common question among parents. Unfortunately, many kids do not wear sunglasses while playing sports, and their eyes can suffer damage from the sun’s UV rays. 

Some parents mistakenly believe kids wear baseball sunglasses on the baseball field for style. Although most kids care more about style than protection, parents must insist on secure protection for their child’s eyes. 

2. What Is the Best Color for Baseball Sunglass Lenses?

We explained the different lens color options for baseball sunglasses above. The goal of colored lenses is to add contrast on the field so your child can see the ball better. 

You should choose green, amber, yellow, or bright orange because these colors offer the greatest level of contrast. Your child’s vision will see much more vivid colors with these lenses.

3. Can Pitchers Wear Baseball Sunglasses?

In most leagues, including Little League, pitchers can wear baseball sunglasses. While you rarely see professional pitchers wearing baseball sunglasses, they are common in kid’s baseball games. 

4. Do You Really Need Polarized Lenses?

Not all baseball lenses are polarized, but they should be to protect children’s eyes from glare. Baseball is a tough game. If glare gets in your child’s eyes, they will not be able to play precisely. 

Protecting Your Child’s Eyes Is Essential

When your child is on the field, you do everything possible to keep them safe. The dangers of baseball are many. Protecting your child with baseball sunglasses will prevent impact injuries and damage from UV rays and glare.