Best Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses

When the freedom of the open road and motorcycle riding calls your name, having the right eye protection is a must. Because there is very little protection between you and the road, you need the best motorcycle accessories, including polarized motorcycle glasses. 

With so many motorcycle glasses on the market, selecting the right ones can often become confusing. If you are looking for factual information to help you decide on a pair for the best motorcycle riding experience, you have come to the right place. 

What Should You Look for in a Pair of Polarized Motorcycle Glasses?

Before we discuss the best pair of motorcycle glasses you should wear, you need to know what to look for when buying. When purchasing a pair of polarized sunglasses, consider the following. 

Prescription Lenses

One of the first things you need to consider is whether you need to wear prescription motorcycle sunglasses. If you wear glasses, you must choose a pair of sunglasses that allows you to purchase lenses with your prescription. 

Most of the sunglasses we review below allow you to swap the lens with your prescription lenses, but always check before you buy. You must see clearly during your motorcycle riding experience, so make sure you have the right prescription for your lens. 

Polarized Lenses

Even if you do not need prescription lenses, you will require a polarized pair. If you have ever ridden a motorcycle, you know glare becomes a major problem and even a danger. 

Polarized or tinted lenses are treated with special chemicals that block out light. The chemicals are applied vertically so vertical light can pass through, but horizontal light that bounces off cars and the road is blocked. 

Using a polarized lens greatly reduces the glare that affects your eyes. Not only will you see much more clearly, but you will also ride safer. The added clarity offers superior protection against road hazards and accidents. 

Foam Comfort

If you do not wear a helmet with a face shield, the force of the wind will constantly push against your sunglasses and force them into your face. If the sunglasses do not have any foam padding, you may experience discomfort. 

Look for a pair of sunglasses that seals against your skin with foam. The foam will allow you to feel more comfortable and provide excellent protection against debris flying into your eyes. 

Polycarbonate Lenses

While on your motorcycle, debris and the force of the wind can wreak havoc on your sunglasses. According to scientists, polycarbonate lenses are up to ten times stronger than a traditional lens. 

You need a durable lens to ensure your eyes are protected while riding on your motorcycle. In addition to being break-resistant, the lens is also lightweight, so it will not place pressure on your face. 

Photochromic Lenses

Some motorcyclists prefer a photochromic lens because they transition from tinted to clear based on the level of light. When you step indoors, they move to clear, while the bright sun causes them to tint. 

With photochromic lenses, you will have UV protection during the day and can see with great clarity during night riding. This lens will help you never worry about carrying two pairs of glasses while motorcycle riding. 

Anti-Fog Lenses

We cannot stress it enough; anti-fog lenses are critical for riding a motorcycle. During periods of high humidity, your sunglasses can easily become fogged and make riding dangerous. 

With an anti-fog coating, you will never have to worry about your glasses steaming up and causing vision loss. Attempt to find anti-fog lenses for your motorcycle glasses.

Best Pair of Motorcycle Sunglasses

There are many motorcycle sunglasses on the market, but not all are created equal. The following are some of the top polarized motorcycle glasses. 

1. Native Eyewear Kodiak

These sunglasses are ideal for motorcycle riders because they are made with a tough-as-nails frame constructed with co-injection Rhyno-Tuff® Air. These frames are virtually unbreakable. 

The ventilation system in these sunglasses offers airflow to your eyes. These sunglasses remove warm air and are anti-fog. 

The Cushinol™ padding at the nose and temples will offer you the perfect level of comfort while on a ride. These are one of the most comfortable pairs of sunglasses you will find on the market. 

The lens is the star of the show with these motorcycle glasses. This lens offers over 99% polarization to block out glare and give you crystal clear vision.


  • The polarized lens removes dangerous glare that can prevent you from seeing clearly. 
  • These sunglasses have an 8-base wraparound design that shields your eyes from all directions. 
  • You can add a prescription lens if you prefer. 
  • The nose and temple pads protect you with the highest level of comfort. 


  • These sunglasses are a little more expensive than some other pairs. 

2. Wiley X Gravity

Eye safety is essential for riding a motorcycle. Your eyes are vulnerable to flying debris and other dangers. Thankfully, these Wiley X Gravity sunglasses offer supreme protection. 

These sunglasses feature a removable foam cup that shields your eyes from debris. Using the included T-peg strap allows you to easily transform these sunglasses into goggles. 

The All Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lens offers the perfect level of clarity and provides motorcycle riders with improved depth perception and true color definition. The lens is polarized to remove dangerous glare. 


  • The lenses and frames are ANSI Z87 safety compliant.
  • The removable foam cup adds protection to your eyes. 
  • These sunglasses offer an optional T-strap that allows you to convert them to goggles. 
  • With a CAPTIVATE™ lens, you will be able to see with much greater clarity. 


  • The green lenses may not appeal to all motorcycle riders. 

3. Oakley Double Edge Sunglasses

Most people are familiar with Oakley sunglasses and view them as a trusted brand. If you have never worn the perfect pair of sunglasses, you should check out these Oakley Double Edge Sunglasses. 

With the lightweight O Matter™ construction, you will feel a high level of comfort. The Unobtainium® rubber grip gets tacky when moist, allowing the frames to seal against your skin and keep debris away from your eyes. 

These sunglasses provide a three-point fit system that ensures they stay securely in place. The three-point system also eliminates the pressure some sunglasses cause. 


  • The polarized lenses of these sunglasses block out up to 99% of glare, giving you better visual clarity. 
  • These Oakley sunglasses are available with a prescription-ready lens. 
  • The O Matter™ frame construction is lightweight; you will almost forget you are wearing these sunglasses. 
  • The three-point fit system will keep these sunglasses in place. 


  • One drawback is that this style of premium sunglasses is expensive, but most riders feel they are well worth the cost. 

4. 7EYE PanHead Sunglasses

These sunglasses are one of the best for motorcyclists because they offer a high-performance frame and have added safety to each feature, so your eyes remain protected. These sunglasses are ANSI Z87.1 safety compliant. 

The polarized lenses remove the glare that prevents you from seeing on the road and are shatter-resistant. There is also an included venting system to keep your eyes cool and are anti-fog. 

These sunglasses also feature a removable foam cup that protects your eyes or allows you to remove it if you prefer. The foam eyecup shields your eyes from the wind. 

You can also adjust the temple tips to retain a high level of comfort and staying power. In addition to staying on your face, these sunglasses offer a wide rectangular lens to give you a wider field of vision. 


  • You can rest assured these sunglasses offer a high level of protection because of their ANSI Z87.1 safety compliance. 
  • The temple tips are adjustable and bend 360 degrees for a customized and comfortable fit. 
  • These sunglasses are available with a shatter-resistant prescription lens. 
  • The foam eye cup protects your eyes from the wind and is removable. 


  • Some people have found the adjustable tips difficult to manage. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adjustments. 

5. Global Vision Kickback Motorcycle Glasses

These Global Vision Kickback sunglasses are ideal for motorcyclists because of the high level of foam protection. 

The lens is made of polycarbonate, which is one of those materials all motorcyclists need to pursue when seeking sunglasses. This material reduces the risks of scratches and shattering. 

The lens is coated with UV400 to protect you against glare and UV rays. These sunglass lenses are also coated with an anti-fog coating to prevent moisture buildup that can prevent you from seeing while on the road. 


  • These sunglasses are available with clear lenses, yellow lenses, and gray lenses for all light conditions. Yellow lenses are a great choice for daily motorcycle riding.
  • The foam eyecup shields your eyes from the wind and helps prevent debris from entering inside the sunglasses and causing injuries. 
  • The polycarbonate lenses are shatter-proof to protect against eye injuries. 
  • The rubber ear grips keep these sunglasses on your head and offer a high level of comfort. 


  • These sunglasses do not come with a strap, but they stay put pretty well. 

5. Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses

The lens of these Bikershades sunglasses is polarized to keep glare out of your eyes. The lens is also made of polycarbonate to prevent shatters and offer a high level of durability. 

The frames of these motorcycle glasses are flexible but always return to their normal shape. The foam inside the sunglasses helps keep the wind out, making motorcycle rides much more comfortable. 

These sunglasses are also sweat-proof to keep moisture out and prevent fogging, so you can see with perfect clarity. These sunglasses are available in different lens colors and HD lenses.


  • The frames and lenses are made from polycarbonate to protect against shattering and scratches. 
  • The polarized lens keeps glare out of your eyes so you can see safely while on your bike. 
  • These motorcycle glasses wrap around your head to protect your eyes from all angles. 
  • The sweat-proof foam shield keeps the wind out of your eyes and protects against fogging. 


  • These sunglasses do not come with a case, but they offer a storage bag. 

6. GrinderPUNCH Two-Pack Motorcycle Riding Glasses

This GrinderPUNCH motorcycle sunglass package comes with two pairs of glasses: one for riding in the day as well as night driving glasses. The tinted pair offers a UV400 coating for UV protection. 

The second set of night driving glasses offers a clear lens style that allows you to see precisely during night riding and protects your eyes from bright lights from cars. Both pairs of motorcycle glasses provide a foam lining that keeps wind and debris out of your eyes. 

These sunglasses are made of polycarbonate materials to prevent shattering and scratches. Although these do not come with a strap, they grip your head perfectly to stay in place. 


  • The lens is polarized to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and night riding. 
  • These sunglasses are made of polycarbonate to offer breakage resistance.
  • The foam shield is rigid and prevents wind, debris, and moisture from entering your field of vision. 
  • These sunglasses offer UV protection. 


  • Although these sunglasses do not come with a strap, you can easily add your own. 

7. Harley-Davidson Men’s Tat Skull Gasket Sunglasses

Almost every motorcycle enthusiast loves Harley-Davidson, and these sunglasses are no exception. If you are looking for safety sunglasses, these Harley-Davidson glasses meet all ANSI Z87 requirements. 

The facial foam cavity seals your eyes from excessive moisture, wind, and debris, so they stay protected throughout your ride. The frames are lightweight and feel comfortable, even on the longest of rides. 

These frames fit head sizes from medium to large and are the darkest Harley-Davidson makes. These sunglasses prevent you from squinting while on your bike.


  • The neutral gray lens color will not distort your color vision and provides maximum shade on bright, sunny days.
  • The foam shield is removable and offers protection against the wind and debris to keep your eyes safe. 
  • The multi-layer flash coating helps to protect against light transitions that can cause vision disturbances. 
  • These sunglasses are meant to provide a high level of durability. 


  • Some people find these sunglasses difficult to adjust to get a perfect fit. 

8. Classic Daisy Biker Sunglasses

For a motorcyclist, sunglasses are not an option. These sunglasses offer a polarized lens with UV400 coatings. 

Damaging glare can prevent you from seeing clearly while on the road. The polarization protects against glare. The UV400 coating offers UV protection against the sun’s ray exposure, which can be damaging. 

The wraparound design protects your eyes from all angles, preventing dirt and debris damage. These sunglasses are made from premium polycarbonate materials that are shatter-resistant and durable. 

These sunglasses come with a protective storage case. These motorcycle glasses include various lens styles for all levels of light and riding experiences. 


  • The polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant to protect your eyes from injuries, even with high-velocity impacts. 
  • These sunglasses have a protective strap that holds them in place, even in high wind. 
  • Although these sunglasses are highly durable, they are lightweight, offering a perfect level of comfort. 
  • The polarized lens reduces glare and helps you see with ideal clarity while going down the road. 


  • Some people complain about the difficulty in changing out the lenses. 

What are the Benefits of Polarized Motorcycle Glasses?

You may think if you wear a shielded helmet that you do not need sunglasses, but this is not true. Though a helmet shield protects your eyes from wind and debris, it will not shield them from harmful UV rays or the sun’s glare. 

If you are looking for the best pair of motorcycle sunglasses, you need to be aware of the benefits of wearing them. Knowing the advantages will encourage you to take action and buy the right eye protection. 

  • Polarized motorcycle glasses offer superior protection against the sun’s glare. Glare can become dangerous because it can lead to eye sunburns and other concerns. Glare can also cause deadly accidents.
  • UV ray exposure reduces your vision and can eventually lead to macular degeneration and cataracts. Motorcycle gear like the perfect pair of sunglasses offer UV protection. 
  • Sunglasses make riding a motorcycle more comfortable because they shield against wind, bugs, and debris. 
  • Motorcycle glasses also help you see with greater precision so you can avoid road obstacles that could lead to accidents. 

Choose the Best Motorcycle Glasses

Sunglasses are an essential part of your motorcycle safety gear arsenal. If you do not wear the best motorcycle accessories and sunglasses, your eyes are likely in danger because of a lack of UV protection. 

When searching for the perfect pair of motorcycle sunglasses, you need to ensure you choose a polarized lens and one that is made of polycarbonate to stand up to all weather conditions and remain durable. 

Using the best motorcycle sunglasses will shield your eyes completely, especially if you choose a wraparound style that offers a foam lining. Research the sunglasses above to find the best one for your motorcycle riding needs.